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The Mile High City is a gem in the western U.S. known for modern architecture, western flavor, and cutting edge technology. We respect life and each other, and admire beauty, whether our gorgeous Rocky Mountains we cherish or our beautiful communities. Western colors, finishes, and décor fill our homes and properties and reflect what we love, including the geology and climate in our area. We are proud to call Colorado home.

One of the nicest things about the area is driving around to enjoy the ambiance created by the tasteful and often utilitarian design of our homes and businesses. Often the exterior of those structures is covered in stucco, an exterior cladding that resembles stone. Durable, with a quality of handling light in all different settings, stucco works extremely well in the variable, sometimes challenging greater Denver area climate. It adds class and value to your property, is low maintenance, and simply looks great when done well.

Stucco in Denver is the logical choice for exteriors

In the kind of climate Denver enjoys, with the extremes in temperature and moisture, as well as occasional high wind, an exterior has to be tough. Stucco meets and exceeds that need for durability. Made of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water, stucco continues to cure over time, becoming harder and more resilient. Low maintenance, stucco can easily last more than 50 years on a home or business, and we know that stucco was used – and is still often present – on buildings thousands of years old in Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and other areas of the globe.

Weather resistant and insulating, stucco is also fire resistant. This is especially important in our region’s western mountain areas and elsewhere brush fires occur. While stucco is very weather resistant, it still breathes and provides good air exchange in your home, making the HVAC system work more efficiently. There is just a lot to like about stucco.

Stucco contractors Denver

A craft for trained, experienced tradesmen, it is essential when hiring a stucco and plaster contractor that they are experienced. They need to be Colorado licensed contractors, and insured. Stucco is a challenging material to work with and get “right” and is not one most DIY folks should consider handling.  Stucco is heavy and requires skill to mix and apply correctly. The textures and patterns achieved in both stucco and plaster take experience, a keen hand and eye, and artistic flair to make a finished beautiful presentation when done.

Stucco supplies Denver uses need to be formulated for our environment and the type of application. Stucco Denver Contractors uses El Paso stucco and other plaster and stucco supply Denver knows from years of experience work well with our weather and even ground and seismic activity. All supplies need to be chosen for your particular application. Whether it is traditional stucco, elastomeric that has fiber, acrylic, or polymers added for strength and “stretch”, a clay or polished plaster for specific application or total non-toxic and off-gassing purposes, or even a synthetic like EIFS, our knowledgeable team will discuss what we think is best when we provide our free quote for your job. Companies we’ve worked with: Cincinnati Masonry Contractors

Not all stucco companies in Denver are created equal

When you are looking for a stucco contractor in Denver CO to do your stucco or plaster work, ask what all they do. The right answer is ours – “Only stucco and plaster.”  Stucco and plaster work is a demanding, exact trade that requires many years of knowledge. It also is a matter of timing, to make sure curing between layers is the right amount to the right feel to make sure the final outcome is the best it can be. Having too many different things going on, or just doing stucco as part of a long laundry list of things a company provides, is not ideal or wanted when you have something as difficult as stucco or plaster to apply, at least if you want it done right, to last, and to be well done and beautiful when finished.

Many people do not realize what all goes into a good stucco job. First, the preparation for what the stucco is applied to is actually more important than the actual stucco. That is why we are very concerned when people ask us to put stucco over existing siding. It is rarely a good outcome. First, we have no idea what is under your siding, either condition of the walls or how it was put up. Stucco is extremely heavy – 6-10 pounds per square foot. It has to have an adequate base to grip, and it has to have correct layers put up and fastened with correct pull and pressure to assure the lath stays where it belongs, the moisture barriers can do their job, and the weep screed at the bottom allows the evaporation of moisture.

When substrate is not prepared correctly, or stucco is not applied properly, be it mix or cure time, too thick, too thin, it stands a strong chance of seriously cracking, crumbling, or worse, allowing moisture to build up and grow mold behind the stucco. All these are conditions are avoidable by hiring a dedicated contractor like Stucco Denver Contractors that knows stucco and plaster work, and does nothing but it day in and day out.

When you need professional Denver stucco repair, our quotes are free

You should walk your stucco several times a year to check for cracks and holes. While small hairline cracks are common and normal in stucco, anything larger than 1/8” needs looked at by a professional. Vibration from street traffic, doors slamming, foundation issues, and seismic activity can all cause cracks in stucco. So can the original application not being done well.  Caulk and paint are not an answer for stucco cracks, they merely seal in moisture and mask the issue, besides leaving an unsightly jagged stripe on your otherwise beautiful finish.

Hail and high winds, both things we see in Denver, are reason to check your stucco. Stray rocks from lawn mowers also can cause a dimple, breaking the seal on the face. A qualified stucco contractor can tell you exactly what needs done to fix it quickly and correctly.  Our quotes are free, and repairs insure a long and healthy life for your stucco exterior.

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What People Are Saying About Us
Jim B
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We had our stucco at the bottom portion of our house repaired with a process called FHA weep screed. Our house is 83 years old and the finished product looks brand new and we are extremely happy and pleased with the job. Highly recommend this stucco contractor in Denver!!!
Efrain R
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Professional, honest, affordable, clean, excellent work. I just had my stucco repaired all around my home after 20 years of sprinklers corroding my stucco. My stucco looks brand new and you cannot tell where they had to patch. BIG shout out Stucco Denver Contractors.I hope to do business with them again for stucco repair in Denver Colorado.Thank you!!!!
Polly M
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The folks at Stucco Denver Contractors were professional, thorough, and communicative throughout the project. Wood siding gone! Matching stucco complete! Quality job by quality company. For excellent stucco repair in Denver call them.
Jim S
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These guys deserve your business. Stucco Denver Contractors gave me his honest opinion of what was and wasn't possible, and gave me a fair quote to do the work. Workers arrived on time, cleaned up after themselves, and did a superb quality job at patching my stucco. The best of stucco contractors in Denver co.
Cari S
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Best customer service ever!!! Totally helped me with my stucco issues and gave me a ton of do-it-yourself advice!!! Call them for stucco repair in Denver co.
Desiree H
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I can't begin to tell you how many problems I had with my home. Stucco Denver Contractors walked through everything with me in detail. Extremely happy with not only with his amazing customer service but outstanding knowledge. I will definitely be using his services again for stucco siding in Denver.
Stephanie R
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Very professional work. Stucco Denver Contractors were a pleasure to work with and gave very honest and good advice on the work to be done. Work was completed in a timely manner and I was very pleased with the finished project. It was a good experience of plaster repair in Denver.
Deborah H
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Stucco Denver Contractors was able to come out the same day that I called to do a repair job. They did a great job, color matched the stucco perfectly and their pricing was very reasonable. I would recommend them and use them again in the future. Stucco Denver Contractors is really professional Plaster Company in Denver
Rick K
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For those who have had trouble finding qualified stucco repair (even small jobs) I would recommend this stucco contractor in Denver. Stucco Denver Contractors worked hard to match the existing color on current stucco. Thanks!
William U
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We wanted Stucco Denver Contractors to stucco in some bird holes, some of which were very high up and required them to walk on and put up ladders on the lower roofs. I was very apprehensive about them breaking the concrete tiles, but they didn't break a single one. Contact them for stucco repair in Denver Colorado.

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When you need stucco repair Denver trusts, call us

Stucco repairs should not be left to a handyman, or an inexperienced contractor. Stucco is easy to maintain with an annual light pressure washing, a reseal every 4-5 years, and a regular walk around to check for any issues. Contact Stucco Denver Contractors for a free quote to get sealing done, dings repaired, and cracks looked at. Your investment will be safe and last you a lifetime that way.

Not all stucco companies in Denver Colorado do interior plaster – we do!

Interior plaster is back and big in decorating, and Stucco Denver Contractors can help you get that luminous, beautiful interior finish you desire. Interior plaster comes in a variety of materials, mostly based on kiln lime. Often marble dust, chips, ground travertine, or other materials are added for texture, or to allow polishing. While all stucco and plaster do not off-gas and are non-toxic, clay plaster is another option with even lower dust and gas and a beautiful matte finish. Ask us for options.

Plaster can be applied in many colors and patterns, and is a highly decorative application. There are even forms that are water resistant for use in back splashes or bathrooms. Venetian plaster, the current rage, is a historically significant form of polished plaster that mimics fine marble, and is a cost effective alternative for columns, corbels, lintels, and other areas where carved marble would be prohibitive.

Bring us your decorating ideas and see how we can help you with interior plaster. A very environmentally friendly product, plaster literally turns back into stone over time, creating a lasting, washable, interior wall clad that stands up to kids, pets, and time.

EIFS is the stucco siding Denver utilizes

Commercial applications of stucco often need to work with non-load bearing walls or decorative architectural features.  EIFS – Exterior Insulation Finish Systems work well in those situations. A composite of materials that provide insulation layers, barriers, and an exterior “skin” of acrylic or synthetic plaster, EIFS works terrifically on commercial buildings. It is lighter, weather resistant, fade resistant, and somewhat fire retardant. Talk to us about your commercial and new construction needs to see if EIFS is a good solution for you.

When you need the best stucco contractor Denver has, contact us

When you need quality stucco and plasterwork, or stucco repair Denver CO residents know they can trust, contact Stucco Denver Contractors. We are experienced and know our trade. It is all we do, and we take great pride in providing stucco and plaster work that lasts and is beautiful. Our quotes are always free, we do our part in keeping Colorado beautiful on job sites, and we try to be as cost effective as possible. Contact us and find out just how easy stucco and plaster can be with a qualified contractor, and let us make you happy and your dream finish a reality.