The top exterior cladding choice is stucco Denver uses regularly

Denver is one of the most modern and beautiful cities in the American West. People take pride in their homes and businesses, while generally utilizing the smartest and most environmentally balanced choices they can render in materials utilized on property. Curb appeal still figures in, though, as Denver residents know a durable, good looking, classy exterior on a home or business will increase the value of their property.

One of the best exteriors for a home in the Denver area is stucco. A mix of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water, stucco sometimes has fibers or synthetic acrylics added to it for strength and elasticity. It is highly durable, tough, and resilient. Providing an insulation layer, stucco both stops the elements and is air permeable so the building breathes and has correct air exchange. It is inert, does not off-gas, is non-toxic, does not fade, and is fire resistant. 

Stucco continues to cure over time, getting harder and more stone like, and with minimal maintenance can last 50 years or more. Stucco applied thousands of years ago still appears on buildings in ancient Rome, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt.  It provides an ambiance and air of sophistication and timelessness to any property.

Stucco Contractors Denver hires need to be experienced

Like many detailed and exacting trades, stucco takes a true craftsman who knows not only the ways to make it colorful and pretty but how to correctly put it on in the first place. Stucco is quite heavy – 6-10 pounds per square foot – and a proper substrate must be built for it to adhere properly to. That substrate also allows the stucco to dry, moisture to drain, and insulate. If the preparation is not done correctly, the stucco will not stay where it belongs.

Most stucco is mixed in the field, and that mixing is an art in itself. Once the correct stucco is chosen for the application, including texture and color, the correct consistency must be mixed. Only an experienced applicator knows both the material and the weather interaction, and when the stucco is ready. 

The substrate cannot be emphasized enough as to importance in a quality stucco job. A base is put down first, sometimes applied, sometimes a special paper or felt, that is covered by a lath (wire) or fiberglass mesh. This lath is what the stucco adheres to, and bonds with over time. Depending on the application, you may have one to three layers on top of the lath, starting with a brown or scratch coat, and may have fiberglass mesh between some of those stucco layers.  Each layer needs to cure anywhere from four hours to 5-10 days, weather and material dependent.

There are many color choices now in exterior stucco, with traditional being more muted tones, and acrylics being bolder and brighter. Texturing materials can be added to the stucco to give body to the surface, and many patterns are done with the final trowel work. All these are choices to discuss with us when you choose stucco for your exterior job.

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Too many stucco companies in Denver really do not know stucco

Hiring a company that includes stucco in a long list of what they do is inadvisable. We only do stucco and plaster at Stucco Denver Contractors, and we are experts. Hire a company that knows exactly what they are doing for the best possible job on your property.  We will be happy to give you a free quote and share our thoughts on the best stucco for your exterior job, whether it is traditional, acrylic, elastomeric, or an EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish System).

Stucco supplies Denver relies on are formulated for our climate

Denver’s weather can be a challenge, and is to your home or business exterior. That is why we suggest a stucco specific to your location. Stucco, like most things, can be damaged by heavy hail or high winds. It does not fade, and is tough to normal elements. Whether using El Rey stucco supplies, an elastomeric that “gives” especially around windows and doors, or an acrylic for intense color, the best materials for the jobsite will be suggested when we provide our free quote, and we will explain why those materials will give you a superior outcome.

When you need a stucco contractor Denver knows is experienced, call us

Stucco Denver Contractors is locally owned and operated, and licensed by the State of Colorado. We are insured and make certain all our crews are highly experienced in their trade.  Trust your exterior stucco job to a professional who knows their craft and prides themselves on a top quality job, every time. Contact us for your free estimate now.