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Good old fashioned plaster work is harder to find around Denver than you might think, at least with a contractor that actually does it and knows their stuff. Plaster work is an exacting trade that is part craft, and mostly art. It requires a sure hand, great eye, attention to detail, and most of all, experience. Lots of experience. That is why you should call Stucco Denver Contractors first when your renovation plans or new construction includes plaster walls, ceilings, bathrooms, or backsplashes.

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Plaster for interior work has been around for eons. Many of the ruins in ancient Greece and Rome have polished plaster interiors, mimicking fine marble and other stone. Once applied correctly, plaster is durable, can be cleaned, does not off-gas, is non-toxic, and over times, truly turns back into stone as it interacts with the ambient air. Many different materials can be added including marble dust, travertine, or other ground stone material to add texture or enhance the ability to polish and seal plaster cladding. And, plaster has a luminosity factor unlike any other material, both absorbing and reflecting light, creating an elegant ambiance.

Polished plaster is making a big comeback in decorating, as people realize the durability and effects you can achieve. Venetian plaster in particular is regaining popularity, as it can be made to look like fine Italian marble at a fraction of the cost, and is especially helpful when you have curves, turns, or rounded surfaces where carved or shaped marble’s cost would be prohibitive – if you could even find someone to do the work.

Venetian plaster is available from Stucco Denver Contractors. Please know that Venetian marble has to be hand polished, so it is a somewhat time consuming application, and often requires long days to achieve the correct surface once clad. Bring us your desires and let us share your dream with a free quote to get some fine Venetian plasterwork completed in your home or business.

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Repairing plaster is a challenge, much more so than just throwing some drywall patch on a hole and praying it sticks. Plaster requires particular consistencies and backing to achieve a patch that will hold, and then textured, so it works in and becomes unnoticeable on your area of repair. Call us for a free estimate on how to get a plaster repair done that matches the color and design of your plaster work, and makes both the damage and your worry go away.

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From the base of the build to the wall face, Stucco Denver Contractors is the top lath and plaster contractor in the Denver region. We know what is trending, how to do the work, and provide you a quality job with a clean site. Contact us for your free quote and learn how we can make your interior plaster ideas come to light.