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More than other forms of construction, masonry being done correctly from the start is important to the long-term health of your home. Load weight, structural integrity, airflow, and moisture control issues being done right all determine how well masonry work looks, functions, and holds up over time. Stone or brickwork that is not sealed properly using the correct mortar mix can lead to airflow or “leakage” in a home making it hard to heat and cool while allowing moisture intrusion that almost immediately starts breaking down the integrity of the wall or structure. High quality masonry construction adds value to your property, increases curb appeal, is low maintenance and highly durable. Call Stucco Denver Contractors for a free estimate for your masonry job. We can handle jobs of any size, work in a wide variety of materials, and are local, licensed, and insured. We have years of experience and know-how to provide good value with a high quality finished masonry project.

We Are Full Service Masonry Contractors Denver Area Located​

When you call around the greater Denver area you will find that not all companies that claim they do masonry do full service work. A good masonry company needs to be able to do primary construction in stone, brick, block, granite, marble, glass block, adobe, cast stone, and other building materials. Experience and quality education in the construction of load bearing walls and fixtures is important so whatever is being built is safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Masonry done right is a very long lasting form of construction when done by a qualified mason or bricklayer. 

There is also masonry work needed referred to as veneer work. This is a facing of brick, stone, or cast materials that create a façade in front of a concrete block, poured concrete, or wood constructed wall that acts both as a barrier and an aesthetic upgrade to a structure. Some brick veneer comes in panels that require exterior construction adhesive to apply them to a facing with mortar joint fills. Veneers can be durable but are not as resilient to weather and damage due to their reduced depth of solid material and the limited amount of mortar in joints. SDC does veneer work, call for a free quote. 

Stucco Denver Contractors also does masonry repair and restoration. Repair is particularly important in the greater Mile High area as we have many historical homes and buildings in the region built of brick and stone, and an even greater number of fireplaces and chimneys around the area. As masonry ages and is exposed to the elements, mortar tends to break down and will require replacement, rebuild and reinforcement. Water intrusion can become a serious issue quickly behind or within any masonry structure, so repairs need to be done by an expert to assure the integrity of your structure. 

Sometimes masonry work has been painted, and you would like it back to its natural state. SDC does paint removal from stone and brickwork without damaging mortar, defacing your natural materials with chemicals or oil seepage, and can seal it afterwards to assure the facing of your masonry is protected and beautiful. Whether new work, restoration, or repairs from patching to full pointing and tuckpointing brick, we do it all.

SDC is an Expert in Denver Masonry Repair

Masonry repairs that fix your problem and last can be hard to get done. SDC prides itself in doing repairs that not only look good but also are structurally correct and sound. A leaning chimney or wall is a threat to the entire home or building, and if not taken care of will result in a much more expensive, extensive repair. Regular maintenance of mortar, and dealing with damage to brick, stone, marble, granite, cast materials or other masonry work needs done as soon as possible to keep water and weather from making the problem much worse. 

Many of the common repairs we see around the greater Denver area involve brick. Brick was used extensively in many of our older historical neighborhoods. Tuck-pointing is a restoration technique where degraded mortar is removed or cleaned and new mortar applied with special pointed tools that allows us to force it into small cracks and areas. It is important that the new mortar match not only in color for aesthetics, but also that it matches in strength and chemical makeup. This assures the new mortar is able to bond with the old, increasing the strength of the repaired area and sealing the mortar facings, thus reducing chances for breakdown of the joints in the future.  

Chimneys and chimney caps in particular are subject to damage by weather. A single crack in a chimney can cause issues when water intrudes, because it will commute. The weight bearing of the chimney on the reduced footprint makes the strength of its walls even more important so it does not lean, break down, or fall, resulting in damage to other structures or requiring an expensive chimney replacement. When you see a crack or chink hole showing up in your chimney, call the professionals at Stucco Denver Contractors for quality, reasonably priced, experienced brick repair. We give free estimates and take pride in our work. 

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Many Historic Buildings Need Denver Masonry Restoration

Denver masonry repairs need the experience and knowledge of a master mason or bricklayer to properly correct issues. Many of the older structures in Denver were built with lime mortar, which is incompatible with today’s Portland cement based mortar. A good stone mason needs to know how to match not only the color of your old mortar so your building does not come out looking like it has “cement pox”, but more importantly the mortars have to be chemically compatible so there is no reaction between them, worsening the problem.  The new mortar must be of the same strength to provide a solid substrate by which your brick or stone is supported correctly. Mortar repair strength is very important for the long-term integrity of your chimney, wall, or other structure so it remains standing, straight, and solid.

Another feature many homes and buildings have in the Denver region are stone, brick, cobblestone, or cast stone walkways, drives, and paths. A cracked or missing stone is not only unappealing damage but may also be a trip and fall hazard.  Breaks can lead to water intrusion, freeze-thaw damage, and other issues that can break down the base of the walkway causing it to sag, erode, or develop further damage. Contact masonry Denver experts Stucco Denver Contractors to get your walkways repaired, chimneys shored up, brick restoration done, and stonework laid. We can handle walkways, drives, walls, fences, outside kitchens, entire structures, historical restoration of stone and brick, stone and brick veneer work, and we also do emergency brick and stone repair due to lightning, vehicle, or other damage. Our estimates are free, and we take great pride in the quality of our work. We look forward to helping you with your masonry repair or construction project. Call or contact us through our online form and we will make an appointment at your convenience to discuss your project.