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Stucco is a very durable and long lasting exterior cladding for your home or business in the Mile High region. Since it is a mixture of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water, stucco continues to cure over time and literally becomes stone once again.  It is weather and fire resistant, but also breathes with your house for correct airflow and health.

As Denver’s premier stucco contractors, Stucco Denver Contractors knows how to correctly repair your stucco when you get damage. In our area the common things that cause issues are ground settling, vibration, and seismic activity, hail and windstorms, and simply human error. You need to inspect your stucco after any hailstorm or earth tremor, as well as a good walk around at least once to twice a year. A gentle pressure washing and sealing every 4-5 years also helps extend the life of your stucco finish.

How to know when you need stucco repair Denver trusts

 If you ever notice dark patches, areas where your stucco appears to be crumbly, flaking off, or coming off in patches when touched, all are alerts you need to call a professional immediately. These are all signs there may be moisture intrusion behind your stucco. Moisture will lead to your stucco starting to break down, grow mold, or delaminate from the lath. Also, smell your stucco. Stucco that has mold present will be musty and can be rank.

Stucco by nature, and if your stucco did not have fiber added or a fiberglass layer used to start with, may develop some cracks. Fine cracks are actually fairly normal, but any crack over 1/8” needs attention. A qualified stucco contractor can tell a lot about what is going on by the size and direction, as well as pattern, your cracks form and what caused them.  They can then make recommendations how to deal with the repair, and also if you need to look into things like soft close features for your doors to cut vibration and jar to the home or building, or if your foundations may need checked.

If you ever notice a musty, moldy smell inside your home or business and you have a stucco exterior, especially around windows and doors, it is strongly advised to get a professional assessment immediately. This can be an indication that moisture was trapped in the walls and has developed into a more serious mold and mildew growth. This growth cannot only affect heath, but the structural integrity of your building. By the time you smell mold, it is usually already established inside your walls, vents, and insulation layers. Mold can and does occur in Colorado, even with our high, often dry climate, and requires professional mitigation in most cases.

Another thing to pay attention to if you have a stucco exterior is if you notice drafty or cold air patches around window and door casings and outlets. Stucco substrate property done prior to application of the stucco layers should have had specific materials applied to and around those areas and openings to impede air intrusion as well as block moisture. Ask your stucco contractor how to deal with those issues to make your home more weather resistant and insulated better.

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How to find the best Stucco Repair Denver Colorado offers

There are correct ways to do stucco repairs and some common fixes that are not advisable. The habit is fill the crack with caulk and paint over it. This is not a recommended way to deal with stucco cracks or issues, as you may well seal moisture behind the stucco and cause further damage. Besides, you have a nice stucco exterior, and an unsightly stripe snaking up your wall sure is not pretty.

Painting stucco in general is not recommended, and why we offer a wide variety of colors and finishes, textures and even types of stucco for new installations. Paint seals in problems and does not allow stucco to continue with its natural curing process over time. When repairs are done, we often suggest elastomeric stucco as it has the best fade resistance, the most “stretch” to avoid cracks, and fills well. It can be adapted to most any pattern or texture including lace finishes that your original stucco utilized.

Stucco is an interesting material, as it is insulating and very durable when applied correctly due to the layers of cement, sand, and lime. It cures back into stone over time due to interaction with air, exchanging carbon dioxide. That said, stucco also is permeable for air exchange, which helps the ambient air inside your home and your HVAC system operate correctly.  It is weather resistant and moisture resistant as long as it was installed with correct moisture screed at the bottom and layers of barrier applied correctly when originally installed. And, stucco is fire resistant, a big plus in brush and forest fire prone areas.

A professional stucco contractor should be contacted when you have stucco repairs that need attention. Stucco Denver Contractors will do a complete inspection and free estimate for you to let you know what needs repaired, how long it will take, and how much it will cost to correctly repair the stucco. Hopefully it will be a simple repair, which will extend the life of your exterior. In some cases, however, if stucco was not applied correctly originally, or over existing problems over siding, etc., we may run into more serious problems and a larger repair may be called for. We will always advise you in advance of what needs done for the best and safest outcome for your property.

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Locally owned and operated, Stucco Denver Contractors will always provide free estimates for new stucco and plaster work or stucco and plaster repairs you might need.  We know and understand the issues that affect stucco, including our climate, in the Denver area. We are licensed and insured, and cover the entire Mile High region. We work hard to stay on schedule, keep our job sites clean, and try to inconvenience you as little as possible during our repair services. Let us help keep your stucco healthy and around for the 50 or more years the average stucco exterior lasts.